VIDEO: 3 Counterintuitive Things You Didn’t Know About Motivating and Engaging Employees

In recent years several companies have sprung up to help funeral home owners better manage their employees.  I am in favor of this movement but their are limits.

And the limit is this:  The systems and metrics these programs install are necessary.  But the result is that they do not turn owners into leaders…they turn them into shop foremen.

There has been a void in leadership in the DeathCare Professions for more than 20 years and we have lost ground because of it.  In the video below Dan Pink discusses the Unmooring of the Profit Motive from The Purpose Motive.  I think this is what has happened.  Our preoccupation with the nickels has caused us to step over the dollars.

Funeral Professionals are Knowledge Workers not factory line workers.  While we must employ the proper management systems to control our out of control costs we cannot hope to motivate or engage Knowledge Workers to connect with our customers in the ways that will drive our futures.

If you do nothing else this week watch this video

In this 10+ minute video Dan Pink vividly and literally illustrates the 3 key principles that do motivate and engage knowledge workers…and, as I have been saying now for several years…it isn’t incentives or money.  

What I would do

Not long ago in The Creedy Commentary I created a short video entitled: Six Simple but Important Tips on Engaging Employees I would review that video.  It turns out that there are six things that demotivate employees and fixing those does not mean that you will motivate them because the things that motivate them are different.  I would also buy Dan Pink’s book Click on the photo to order it on