5 Ways Poor Leadership Kills Your Business

These 5 leadership skills, poorly executed, spell disaster.  They are simple in concept but difficult for many small business owners in practice because they demand we become…DISCIPLINED.

There are a lot of smart and hardworking people out there. And one of the best ways I know of to differentiate and ensure successful outcomes in business is to create solid accountability mechanisms.

Here are the top five “accountability” pitfalls that business leaders and executives typically fall into, in my experience. Some of them don’t even appear to be accountability-related on the surface, which is why they’re so insidious. If you want a high-performance management team, make sure you avoid them:…More at 5 accountability pitfalls that kill companies – CBS Moneywatch

What I Would Do:

I have thought about this a lot since selecting this article for this week.  I tend to lead in a transparent style.  So, I have to answer the question (What Would I Do?) from that perspective.  I believe I would call my key people together and admit which ones I think I stink at (yes, I know, there’s that preposition at the end of a sentence again…sue me).  I would then work out a plan on how to address each one and how we could hold each other accountable to improve.  I can do this because I am old enough to realize I have never met a whole person.  Every one has a blind side.  Every one has flaws.  So, it’s ok to admit them.


IF I were a command and control kinda guy I would call in my senior manager and at least chew him out (if I didn’t fire him altogether) for my own personal failure.  If I didn’t fire him I would tell him to fix it or I would fire him. Then I would leave and go to some seminar or convention and forget it ever happened because I was working on my business instead of working in it.

Does that sound judgmental?  Sorry, but it happens that way a lot in funeral service.  Kinda sad because one of the silent rules in small business is that the odds are stacked in favor of having to be present to win.