6 Ways To Differentiate Your Business

Like it or not most consumers see funeral homes as all being about the same.  You, and only you, have the responsibility of consciously differentiating yourself from your competition.  Here are 6 ideas for starters.

You can purchase goods from larger retailers, buy or consume food from chain stores and restaurants, or patronize local small businesses. Very often, you have the luxury of choosing any and all of these. Take, for example, the pet store market. Many towns now feature large national chains at one end of town and smaller, independently owned pet stores at the other.

With so much choice, commoditization and budget-driven buying behavior, how can this small business owner stand out? For many consumers, even in a budget-conscious economy, the answer lies in the customer experience.

Small businesses are in a unique position to create valuable customer experiences. Their products and services are often niche and business operations are agile and unconstrained by big business rules and processes. When was the last time you called a small business and got put through to an automated call center?

These seemingly small things come together to create a hugely competitive value proposition.

Here are some things you can do to focus your sales, marketing and operational efforts to create a unique customer experience and capitalize on your small business value:…More at 6 Ways to Stand Out Using Your Differentiators – Small Business

What I Would Do:

Within the past few years some funeral homes have been putting on their websites and in their literature statements entitled “Why Choose Us” I like that.  I would definitely create one of those.