Analytics Have Their Place…It’s People That Matter

Analytics feel so good because you can measure them. Peter Drucker is purported to have said, “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.” EXCEPT, he never said it. The point continues to be that DeathCare is overmanaged and underled. The recent trend towards analytics is, in fact, a positive one. It’s danger (and this is happening) is that it mistakenly supplants the role of Leader with the role of Shop Foreman.

This post from the Drucker Institute elegantly opens a better perspective:

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 10.39.12 AMBut for all that, Drucker also knew that not everything could be held to this standard. “Your first role . . . is the personal one,” Drucker told Bob Buford, a consulting client then running a cable TV business, in 1990. “It is the relationship with people, the development of mutual confidence, the identification of people, the creation of a community. This is something only you can do.” Drucker went on: “It cannot be measured or easily defined. But it is not only a key function. It is one only you can perform.”…More at Measurement Myopia – The Drucker Exchange – The Drucker Institute

At the end of the day, developing, caring for, caring about, nurturing people is what gives meaning, texture and purpose to life…maybe especially our work lives.