Are Burial Associations A Part of Our Future?

I am reading too many articles like the one excerpted here.

Most funeral homes consider burial associations a part of the unpleasant past.

I am not so sure.  Certainly, in the days before personal computers the cost and headaches of administration made it a very arduous task to keep up with all those $10 and $25 payments.  But given the economic times I wonder if it isn’t time to reconsider…at least in some of our economically harder hit communities.


Buried deep in the obituaries for their loved ones, more families are pleading for donations. They aren’t asking for contributions to a church or money for memori

al gifts to a special charity.

They are seeking cash to cover funeral expenses.

In The Patriot-News alone, there have been more than 20 such appeals in the last six months, and well over 50 in the past year. Nearly 100 during the last two years. Read more

What I would do:

I would ask my attorney to research current burial association laws in the state.  I might even suggest to my state association that they look into creating a master association for the members to share administrative costs. (I don’t really like this idea but maybe we could learn from the past and this could be a project that could be “arms-length” without having anyone’s hands in the till)  I would then create 3 burial and 3 cremation packages (I would not include direct burial or direct cremation) to make available to members and have 3 membership levels to correspond with the three different packages available at different monthly payment levels.