Are You The Real Reason Your Company Is Stuck?

I hope you are as tired and bored as I am of chasing after rainbows and false starts.  DeathCare is undergoing a radical transformation.  And for those of you struggling with making that move here is excellent advice:

Screen shot 2012-07-02 at 8.03.03 PMAs small business owners we spend too much time: Learning to accept the fact that we need a team. Putting a team together. Don’t just let it fall apart because we can’t capture an idea and ride that horse until we break it in. There’s something to be said for tenacity and focus. In fact, you don’t have to be a great idea man (or woman) to be a game changer.  A single great concept that’s well executed holds more power than 25 unused proposals. Ideas Carry Potential, Which Is Why They’re So Attractive  But like children, if the idea is worth something, then it has be guided into maturity.  Action carries outcome. If you’re serious about doing something new, there are three sets of questions that should follow every brainstorming session:...More at Ideas Carry Potential: Action Carries Outcome | InnovationHeat

What I would do:

Absolutely read the article linked within this referenced article by Anita Campbell.

But, MOST IMPORTANT, i would screen every hot idea I get at a convention or trade article through the questions at the end of this article.  DeathCare is chasing too many imaginary rabbits down too many rabbit trails.

One last point that I will continue to hammer for owners who spend more time working “on” your business than you do working “in” your business.  If you are stuck and the needle is not moving take some time for introspection.