Build Trust With Social Media


Yeah, yeah.  I have heard it too.  But it’s true and you need to get on board.  So start reading up like I am.

Life as a small business owner is all about trust. Trust is how we make consumers feel comfortable purchasing from us instead of big box stores and its how we get them to keep coming back. And through the world of social media, we have a slew of new ways to develop trust in our customers’ eyes to make them feel good about our business. But are you taking advantage of them?

Below are six ways SMBs can use social media to establish trust with customers….More at How to Use Social Media to Establish Trust

What I Would Do:

Interesting that I came across this article this week.  Frankly, Social Media marketing is something I have come to believe in strongly but I have no personal competence in.  So, I reached out to my friend at Disrupt Media Group, Ryan Thogmartin for help.  In my opinion, the “Tech” world is full of people who know enough to convince me they know what they are doing but can’t deliver.  In effect, they remind me of firemen who set their own fires.  Ryan is different.  He knows how to make it work.  I follow his advice.

Disclaimer: There is no formal business connection or financial connection between Disrupt Media and me except that I buy advertising on Connecting Directors at full price.  I simply believe in Ryan and he merits my endorsement.  Read it For Yourself