Just Exactly Who Are You?

I ran across this recently. If you have ever taken the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory I think you will find it interesting. Click on the graphic and you will be able to view it in your browser. When it appears in your browser you can zoom in by clicking again.

BY THE WAY: This is what is called an infographic. Infographics will soon begin to make their way into the obituary world and my eventually eclipse today’s “industrial” form.  (your heard it here first)


Can anyone guess which I am? Hint: Think social media.

Strategy: Two Choices You Must Make

Every strategist knows the most difficult part about strategy is making choices.  But, to be effective, strategy demands we choose among options.  Here is a brief but clear presentation on the two most basic choices you must make.

To view the full 2.5 minute video click here HBR.ORG

How To Win By Being Second

The pace and complexity of change has accelerated to a level that it threatens to overwhelm us.  But, in a counterintuitive way it turns out that athletes, fighter pilots and businesses more often win by being a little slower and letting the opponent act first.

Speed is killing our decisions. The crush of technology forces us to snap react. We blink, when we should think. E-mail, social media, and 24-hour news are relentless. Our time cycle gets faster every day.

If every one else moves too quickly, we can win by going slow.…More at Act Fast, but Not Necessarily First – Frank Partnoy – Harvard



Here is what I would do:

Here is another 4 point discussion to have with my key managers.  What are we observing?  What is it telling us?  Where is the open water?  Then decide.  For many this will be the first time.  Decide.  Unlike a military encounter you probably won’t die.  Try some small things first.  Give them some time.  But kill them if they don’t work.  ACT on your decisions.  I will guarantee one thing.  Have one little success and you will want more.