Competition You Never Thought You Had: The Customer’s Own Mind

No one in their right mind buys a car today without first researching it on the internet and knowing as much or more than the car salesman.  So by the time they get to the dealership it’s all about price.  The same is happening in DeathCare. 

Although directed at B2B sales this article could just as well be about B2C.

we’ve come to call this trend the “1 of 3” problem, coined from a European head of sales who told us, “We’ve got a world-class product and brand, and that gets us into the customer’s top three every time. But because the customer’s own research has deemed the top three to all be acceptable, they always go with the lowest price.” It’s a tough lesson. For most companies, the biggest competitor today isn’t the competition, it’s customers’ ability to learn on their own.…More at If the Customer Is Always Right, You’re in Trouble – Brent Adamson

What I would Do:

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