Conventional Marketing Is Dead

I have been talking with a lot of funeral directors about their marketing in the last year.  Just to get a sense of what they are doing and how it’s working.

Well it turns out it’s not.  There is a great deal of frustration out there.

The reason, I think, is that our world has changed and we haven’t seen it.  It hasn’t just changed for us.  It’s changed for everyone and the conventional one-way media strategy is outmoded.  In the near future I will be writing more about this in The Creedy Commentary.  But for now suffice to say that markets are no longer segments as we once understood them they are conversations.  The only question you have to respond to is: “Will you participate in the conversations about you or not?”

This is a huge threat to conventional marketing firms as they struggle to retain their position.  Their paradigm is to “speak at” rather than “speak with”.  It’s a huge difference.

In this video the Chief Marketing Officer of American Express talks about how they have been impacted and some of the ways they have begun to respond.  Yes, this is a mega corporation.  But its size doesn’t mean you are exempt.

Courtesy Mckinsey & Co. 

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