Death Cafe’s: Truth Stranger than fiction

As we continue into this 21st century world things seem to be reaching a point where we are unwilling to say something won’t happen.  Conversations about death and dying are becoming mainstream spontaneously.  Deathcare seems oblivious to this trend.  I think this is at our peril.  We need to be right at the center of it.

A relatively new concept known as a “death café” is growing in popularity. This article explains what happens at death cafés and their origin.

What is a Death Café?
Despite the off-putting name, many participants describe these events as life affirming, and even life changing, because a death café is a frank, unscripted, non-directed discussion about the subject of dying and death conducted at a “safe” location, such as a community center, church, coffee shop or, yes, even a café.

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