DIY Marketing Why It Can Work Against You

As I have grown older I have discovered I like being creative.  I also have strong opinions.  Somehow that has convinced me that I know how to market myself.  Then I ran into somebody that actually had training and was gifted in that area.

Life is an expensive university.  Here is why “Do It Yourself Marketing” isn’t always a good idea.


Because you’re not spending money on outside resources you might think you’re saving tons of money with a DIY approach. Just remember this…it’s not just what you spend, it’s what you spend and get back on what you spend.

, like Steve Jobs did, like Nike’s Phil Knight did, and like every successful business owner does. And, they didn’t just do it when they were big successful companies with huge marketing budgets. They did it from the very beginning of their companies, only months after they incorporated….More at 5 Reasons Why Do-it-Yourself Marketing Can Actually Hurt Your

One more thing.  Recent research and long term experience of most you, dear readers, is showing us that conventional DeathCare advertising is working against us not for us.  Personally, I would look outside the industry for help.  And I would take a few risks…like using humor for instance.