Do You Need An Oil Change?

Business relationships can be tricky.  Maybe because of that they are most often left unmanaged and neglected. Here is an effective way to make them better.

It’s tragic to see this death spiral of relationships happen. A person gets mad, but doesn’t express it. The anger sinks into them and festers. A narrative takes shape in his mind that the other person is bad, mean, intolerant, egocentric, and that their energy is negative. This narrative finds more evidence, and soon the weight of it is overwhelming. In the mind of the person who doesn’t communicate in real time, the other is tried, found guilty and convicted — sentence is then passed, all without the other knowing anything is going on. She is bad and should never be trusted, and it’s best to warn others. And since narratives love to find even more evidence, gossip sets in. The other is now tried and convicted within a family or work group.  To read more

What I would do:

Buried in this article is an interesting link to “oil change”.  Click on it and follow the five points.  It can’t hurt and will probably help.