Good Advice For Handling Staff Subversives

There is a saying:

“When You Fail to Walk In Your God-Given Authority,

Someone Else Will Take It Away From You And Use It Against You!”

Funeral home cultures are notoriously passive aggressive, challenges don’t often occur as dramatically as described in this article.  But they do occur…and regularly.  The advice given here is good advice regardless of your gender.

It was a quiet afternoon, as almost the entire team was out for an offsite retreat. It had been three months into my new job and I was left holding the fort. Then the phone rang. The CEO’s office wanted some analysis in an hour. Someone had to go and present the data. That someone had to be me!

But while the query was routine, the database was managed by an IT guy who had issues with female authority figures. Other women had warned me about him.

I requested the report from him and explained the urgency the best I could. The simple report should have taken ten minutes. Yet, after anxiously waiting for forty-five minutes and despite an email reminder, I still did not get it. Finally, I walked up to him and asked him to “please hurry it up as the meeting starts in fifteen minutes.” That’s when all Hell broke loose….More at Handling Direct Challenges to Your Authority » The Glass Hammer

What I would do:

You don’t always have to be confrontational.  But there are times that call for it and you have to know when those are.  Remember, others are watching.  Be prepared.  Call your antagonists out.  It will be a relief for everyone.

Proverbs 22:10  Cast Out The Scorner and Strife Shall Cease