Good Things Happen When You Are Contagious

There is something about positive people that is…well…contagious.

(MoneyWatch) I love being in an office surrounded by contagious people. Not the sniffling, sneezing, coughing kind who don’t stay home when they should, but the kind whose enthusiasm and attitude towards their products, customers and company is absolutely infectious.

Many use the term “evangelist” to describe this, but I think there’s a distinction: Evangelism (which I also love) is mostly unidirectional — true believers, preaching and hoping to spread the good word to the masses, whereas contagiousness is more personal and subtle. When you’re truly, “professionally” contagious, the people you deal with catch the fever just by interacting with you.

Carriers of these positive contagions make every business better in virtually every way: Customers are happier, they buy more and are more loyal; employees work better together and are more productive; creativity has a more fertile breeding ground; projects, products and services are made better.

Here are a few great ways to pass the bug: (read more at CBS Money Watch)