How Do You Handle Conflict With Families…With Colleagues…With Siblings…With You Name It


Let’s face it conflict is part of life, we all hate it, not many of us are good at it and we would all rather avoid it.  But like it or not we MUST become better at it.  Here are some great guidelines from noted management and leadership expert John Maxwell:

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 8.59.01 AM“I love mankind – it’s people I can’t stand.” Charlie Brown, in Charles Schulz’ timeless comic strip, “Peanuts”

Charlie Brown had a point: relationships with other human beings are wonderful – in theory. In reality, they can be difficult and messy. But nothing determines our success in life as much as our ability to work with other people.

And nothing is more messy in relationships than dealing with conflict. But I believe there are both constructive and destructive ways to approach it. Here are my top ten responses:

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