How to Avoid Conflict at Work

In my experience most funeral homes have passive aggressive cultures and they prefer to avoid conflict whenevery possible.  So, misunderstandings proliferate and frustrations mount.  This article has some excellent tips on how to manage situations so most conflict never occurs.  It’s all about respect.

Let’s explore an example of how this happens:

So, you don’t say anything. Over time it continues and your frustration turns into anger. What happens next? You blow your stack. Voices are raised, tensions are high, and defenses are up. Now you really are in a conflict! You haven’t gotten your problem solved, have you? Actually, you now have two problems. Your fear of conflict has resulted in two conflicts when before there wasn’t even one….More at Conflict Avoidance Strategies That Work

Here’s What I Would Do:

I wouldn’t let the sun go down on frustration.  I would hold daily huddles where things got talked out.  I am not a good communicator (I tend to live in my head, just ask my wife) so I would learn to be a better communicator and I would ask my staff to help me.  vulnerability = authenticity and people like authenticity and, frankly, so do I.