Innovation Made Simple: The Five C’s

We make a big deal out of innovation.  We all tend to think BIG AND FLASHY.

My Take?  For my entire career in DeathCare I have watched as we have overserved most of the market and underserved part of it.  It’s not that we have entirely missed the mark but without fully understanding the 5 C’s we really don’t understand what we are trying to accomplish

More important we don’t really see the true opportunities.  We are only dressing up what we already do.


Simply asking “what job is the customer trying to get done?” can be a powerful way to enable innovation, because it forces you to go beyond superficial demographic markers that correlate with purchase and use to zero in on frustrations and desires that motivate purchase and use.

Seductive simplicity hides a rich, robust set of opportunity identification tools. Through our experience utilizing the “jobs-to-be-done” concept in a range of settings, my colleagues and I have developed five tips for would-be innovators: the five Cs of opportunity identification (modeled after marketing’s famous four Ps — price, product, place, and promotion).  The Five Cs of Opportunity Identification…HBR Blogpost

What I would do:

buy and read: 


Integrating Around the Job to be Done By Clayton Christensen