It’s a Brave New World Out There

I don’t know about you but the growing transparency forced upon us by social media seems more like a curse than a blessing.  But I guess I don’t get to vote and neither do you.  This brief article shows how other industries are responding and effectively using social media to reduce advertising costs and engage customers as allies.   Seems like a lot of work.  But I don’t think we can afford not to be part of the converstation

 Social media platforms allow customer networks to be bigger, faster and better organized. They increase the downside of getting service wrong and the upside of getting it right.

The effects are both direct and indirect. Zappos generates so much buzz with its fantastic service experience that the company can spend significantly less on marketing than its rivals. This virtuous service cycle spins faster because we get to trumpet our delight on Facebook.

In other words, social media improves service by making the market for peer-to-peer opinion more efficient. This is good news for good service and bad news for bad service. End of not-so-complicated story.

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