Leadership Lesson: An Illustration in Mentoring

What does it take to be a mentor?

What does it take to be mentored?

Mentoring is not sitting back in a wingback chair smoking a pipe.  It is active and proactive.  It is thinking on your feet.  Thinking ahead and having a Clear and Distinct picture of your goal in mind.

This article vividly illustrates the work of a mentor.


Now, I hate to say it, but this conversation absolutely held me spell bound for about the next twenty minutes.  They got right into the topic and his active listening, probing questions, support, and light hearted approach to a tough topic; he was able to get her to see some very difficult concepts.

This was truly mentoring at its best – the presence of the mentor fueling the mentoree’s burning desire to learn.  He fed her information like feeding wood to a fire. …More at Ray the Mentor: A Lesson in Leadership – .

What I would Do:

If you are a mentor to someone read this article, as I have, several times.  If you are being mentored then you and your mentor should read it together to see if you are in alignment.  Remember it is the person who is being mentored who has the responsibility.

I never had a good mentor.  I regret that.  My mentoring came from self study and pestering people I admire.  Interestingly, people are pretty good about helping you along the way.  I am always amazed at how many world class authors are willing to take my call and answer my questions.  Now that I am older and have my own field of expertise it is a privilege to pay it forward.