Life Comes At You Fast

We ignore social at our peril.  Note, I did not include the word media in my use of the word social on purpose.  Not that it shouldn’t be included but the use of it is self limiting.

We have entered the SOCIAL ERA as this article illustrates.  If we are to cope, much less survive, we are going to need to prepare and know how to act in this new era.  An era capable of toppling whole governments (think Arab Spring)

Dell learned the hard way that consumers are not just consumers any more. They are collaborators, conspirators, and co-creators. Fail to listen, engage, and involve and you may find yourself with a customer insurgency. As a brand, you can’t create strategy exclusively from headquarters, any more than the military can fight terrorists from a battleship. But by listening to social channels, creating a volunteer army of brand advocates, and including customers in your team of teams, you will find yourself a winner in the social revolution….More at Countering a Customer Insurgency – Mark Bonchek and Chris