Pricing As A Strategy To Build Customer Loyalty

Last week in The Creedy Commentary I began a 3 week series on how our old pricing model (cost-led-pricing) is not only outmoded but unsustainable.  In this brief video London Business School Assistant Professor Marco Bertini discusses a concept a brought out this week in my discussion of Price-Led-Costing, the alternative to our old unsustainable method: Fair Pricing.  He explores 5 principles that will help you humanize the way you make money and build customer loyalty… 

and answer the question: “What Does Your Pricing Say About You”

What Would I do:

As I tell you in the last two postings in The Creedy Commentary this is going to be a challenge and somewhat painful. So the first thing is to read the following Posts:

A Broken Business Model: Wringing More Money Out of Your Best Customers Is Not Sustainable

Building A Competitive Fortress Through Your Pricing Strategy

How To Stop Customers From Fixating On Price

Then wait for next Tuesday’s Commentary posting.  Oh, you might also come back here to the roundup monday for a sneak peak at next week’s feature video.  It will help you think about some of what you will be learning next week.

P.S. I know this is frustrating.  But you have to unlearn some things to learn new things.  Reinvention is not easy.


  1. Alan,
    Thank you for bringing valuable insight to our business.

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