skills you will need

Knowing your job isn’t enough any more.  Whether you are a doctor lawyer or indian chief it’s the soft skills that will make the difference.

Soft And Steady Saves The Day

How you talk to people, how you handle them, makes it harder or easier for you to meet your goal. Hard skills are technical abilities that you can typically learn at school. But soft skills are quiet little deal makers that also help to determine your fate.  They are primarily personality driven — you know, those things that you did NOT learn at the university (at least not in class).

Here are a few questions to help you lock into a few soft skills:…More at Hard Skill, Soft Skill: Which One Matters Most?

What I would do:

Read the article and answer the questions.  If I worry that my people skills are lacking ask my colleagues or my wife or someone who knows me best.  Ask them where I can improve.  Ask them to hold me accountable.