Stars, Potentials, Zombies and Vampires

Every business has them.  But when you have an employee who is a top producer that undermines your business and culture can you really afford to keep them.  I call it “The Tyranny of The Ten Call Man”.  This writer calls them Vampires.  Either way, if you want to succeed in the long term they need to find their future elsewhere.


Our company, Axcess Worldwide, was shaped in its early years by a small, tight knit group: my partner, Kirk Posmatur, and me and our first few employees. Now, after significant growth, we were honing our strategy, placing the right people in the right roles, continuing to deliver profitability while simultaneously maintaining a strong and meaningful corporate culture, something we consider to be one of our most powerful assets.

The new executive we were discussing that day was doing what we had hired him to: immediately deliver results. But he was doing so in a manner that didn’t strike us as consistent with our culture; he was focused so intensely on “what he did” that he paid little attention to “how he did it,” which resulted in consistently dismissing the opinions of others and pursuing what we felt was a strategy of “winning at any cost.”…More at When to Fire a Top Performer Who Hurts Your Company Culture