The Dirty Little Secret

An oft quoted phrase from “Alice in Wonderland” is: “If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.”  

What few people realize is that there is a step before knowing where you are going.


I love people who know who they are.  They are comfortable in their own skins.  They are relaxed and they are, typically, very competent.  But right now there is a lot of angst in deathcare as we THINK we have to struggle to find who we have to become.  I suspect that if we believed more in what we do we would find we already have that answer.

Unfortunately, I also suspect that many in our industry don’t really like who we are.  So they dress it up into something else.  But that’s another story for another time

When I’m in a mischievous mood, I will sometimes ask managers and workers in a company, “What does the CEO actually do?” It’s not unusual to get a panicked stare as my answer, followed by some trite response, like “Well, he sets the direction of the company.”

So, I ask, “What is the direction of the company?” We are inundated with direction and vision statements that would all serve as good examples of what my high school civics teacher called ‘glittering generalities.’ They are well-meaning, but often sound just like every other company’s vision statement. For these statements to become more than lovely aspirations something is missing.  To Read More…

What I would do:

The stakes are getting higher every day.  We, as an industry AND as a profession, are at a point and possibly past a point where we, as individuals, need to decide whether we should get in or get out.  The opportunity for our future is extraordinary.  But it will take commitment, it will take passion, it will take painful choices and it will take sacrifice.  The rewards won’t necessarily be priceless but they will be far greater than my generation experienced during its career.  What are those rewards?

  • Purpose
  • Meaningful career
  • Community respect
  • Impacting lives
  • And, oh yes, financial

So, if I were you I would start thinking about whether it was time for you to get in or get out.

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