The Number One Reason Employees Stay in a Small Business

Surprise It’s not what you think.

The Number One Retention Factor Is Not Benefits At All

But if you really want to know what keeps employees around in a small business, it isn’t benefits at all.  It’s the relationship the employee has with management — at least, that’s what employers say.  Those surveyed said the following were the top factors influencing employees to remain:…More at The Number One Reason Employees Stay in a Small Business, According to Employers

Here is what I would do:

I would make it a point to spend time each week with at least two of my employees (different ones each week) find out about their lives.  Be interested in them.  Get their input.  I would also have weekly huddles if not daily huddles where I celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and the like.  Practice catching people doing something right.  Call them out for doing well during the huddle.