Toxic Clients & How To Treat Them

We all have them. Obnoxious clients who make our lives miserable and undermine morale.

Here is some great advice :

 hbrLaw firms have a hard-earned reputation for being really tough places to work. Today I see an increasing amount of toxicity in those firms. Over the past couple of decades, I’ve met with partners and managing partners at regional and national law firms, who have not infrequently found themselves bullied by greedy, selfish, entitled, angry clients or even other partners.

Go into the conversation holding a little of yourself back; when they reach that “tipping point” into toxicity, you won’t be blindsided. Prepare for that knock-out punch insult by saying to yourself, “Here it comes.” Then take a deep breath, look them straight in their left eye (which is attached to their right emotional brain), pause until they realize they haven’t provoked you into losing your cool (even if they say something else to insult you) and then select one of the following replies: More Reading