What If Your Staff Were High School Teenagers


Maybe you sometimes feel like you are managing children…or sometimes you feel like your manager is treating you like a child.  But like the show “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” there are lessons to be learned by thinking out of context as this article so simply and elegantly illustrates.

Your team also gets edited and adjusted. Every person that looks great on paper isn’t always a match for your company. That’s what the interview, testing and trial periods are about — finding the best fit given the environment. But what about us?

How Often Do We Edit Ourselves?

There’s a difference between protecting our personal style and the type of communication that breaks teams down.  On Top Chef Masters, the reality cooking series on Bravo TV, one of the contestants, Chris Cosentino, said:

“Communication is the backbone of a restaurant.”

The same is true for any business. The ability to educate our team is directly related to how we talk to them. It’s a deal maker….More at The Deal Maker In Every Business: Are You Ignoring It? | Small