When It Costs Too Much NOT To Change

We can use all kinds of fancy financial terms but there is a point when it costs more NOT to change than it is to go ahead and start.  Much of DeathCare is well past that point.  This article underscores that observation

Sometimes, it’s scary to change, to innovate the way you do things. Because we tend to cling to the familiar, even when it’s not all that comfortable. It’s like doing your company finances on a yellow note pad, because it’s familiar.  When your 10 year old business would be better served by a simple accounting database. But that means you, and your team has to learn something new — and that takes effort.

If you’re willing to dive in, then innovation can show up in the simplest changes — they just have to be consistent and relevant.

Here’s my question: When does it cost you too much to stay the same?…More at Staying The Same Costs Too Much

What I Would Do:

As I see it you have several choices:

  1. Sell
  2. Hold on long enough to close it up and head home
  3. Truly reinvent yourself.  The feature video this week…How Not To Overserve Your Customers…will help you start thinking about this as will the Creedy Commentary Article associated with it.