Why Funeral Directors Mistreat Vendors & Staff


One of the inconsistencies I have observed frequently in this profession over 30 years has been the treatment of vendors by normally caring, gentle and empathetic people…namely funeral directors.  Frankly, it’s puzzling.  This article helps explain it but also give some great tips on how to stop it.

A man and two children, a boy about nine and a girl about seven, were walking ahead of me in silence. The boy looked up and said something to his father. Whatever he said set off his father who started yelling at the boy. I could see the boy’s pain as his father’s words hit him. It was heartbreaking.

What happened next took me by surprise, but shouldn’t have: As soon as his father stopped yelling at him, the boy turned to his little sister and hit her.

As I thought about that boy, I realized how often I — and so many people I know — do a version of the same thing. We say or do something to someone when, really, it’s meant for someone else….More at Who Are You Really Mad At? – Blogs – Harvard Business Review

What I would do:

We all experience frustrations in business…with customers and with vendors and with…well, everything.  But we don’t really want to be rude.  So, I would recognize that sometimes I can be rude and I don’t want to be.  Decide I don’t want to be that way and resolve to change.  Share this article with my staff and begin holding each other accountable to practice kindness.  Maybe turn a coffee can into a penalty jar.  Each time we are rude to someone we have to contribute $5.00.  Every quarter the proceeds go to an outing for the staff.

Do you want to be known for your prickliness or for your kindness?