Your Employees: An Untapped Resource

Perhaps the single strongest reason I have been harping on leadership over supervision is the damage the latter does to “knowledge” workers.  and funeral directors are knowledge workers.  The “Carrot and Stick” approach that most if not all of the manufacturing style monitoring systems now being deployed will ultimately be counterproductive IF it is not led be good leaders.  And, Frankly, there are precious few positive leadership models in funeral service.

Remember, Passive Aggressive cultures are defined by behaviors that thwart progress “But in the nicest way”.  So, just because your team may like working together does not necessarily mean it is functioning at peak performance.

the costs of under-utilized employees are far deeper than just the waste of payroll dollars. People who are underutilized by their managers described their experience as “frustrating” and “exhausting.” Inevitably, the most talented employees quit, leaving you with an expensive turnover problem. The less confident staff often “quit-and-stay” leaving you with a more destructive moral problem as disillusioned employees infect the culture.

Smart executives understand that the cheapest way to fuel growth is to first tap deeply into the resources they already have. Stretching and engaging your existing talent is also the highest-octane fuel source, as people who are deeply utilized describe the experience as “a bit exhausting but totally exhilarating.”…More at Smart Leaders Get More Out of the Employees They Have – Liz – Blogs